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JEM Cakes.
How sweet is this?

This was my first project related to building a website. It was created for a small bakery, back in 2011. I had just started to work with websites in my professional life, so I wanted to try and understand the bare basics of what went into a site to help improve my performance on the job.

I needed to learn the basics for building a site. First, it was the languages, things like SQL, PHP, HTML, and CSS. This was at the start of the responsive era, and the CSS frameworks we have today didn't exist. Since the site needed to be responsive, I picked a predecessor of bootstrap, the 1140-pixel Grid. Content was managed via a mySQL database that served as a very crude CMS. This was in order to allow the client to highlight their most recent work more easily. There was also a searchable image gallery and a contact form to request quotes.

While the business is no longer around, it was with this project that I was able to learn the basics of websites.

You can visit the demo site here. The e-mail form has been disabled but can be discussed if needed.

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